The artist's eyes discover new aspects and provide a gentler glimpse of viewpoints and values that have become subconsciously stagnant.

In this light, Kurumi Nakamura examines the boundary between the self and others through the idea of the "body", which is the source of our emotions and actions, with the video installation and performance of "Their Characteristics and Why". Tomoya Murazumi confronts the fundamental question of "why do people create things?" with the exhibition of "Under the bed".



Eyes of Artists NOV.3〜5


Their Characteristics and Why(Kurumi Nakamura)

Performance and video installation will be held to experience the uncertainty of the borderline which classifies people.

5-a Performance

11/3(Fri), 11/4(Sat.) 13:00〜, 14:00〜,

11/5(Sun.) 13:00〜 ※Reservation required

※Please come 5 minutes before your reservation

(Please mind the time as latecomers will not be able to enter the show.)

Duration : Approx 30 min

Fee : 300yen at the door

For 10 audience at a time (Upon reservation)


5-b Video installation 10:00〜17:00  Free

※The gallery space will not be accessible during the performance.

Under the bed (Tomoya Murazumi)

5-c Exhibition 10:00〜17:00 Free

Objects made without the eyes of the others, and the objects created by analyzing and interpreting them.

Venue : Kapo(3-1-27 Nomachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, JAPAN)

Please use nearby public parking space.

The rest room is on the second floor. Unfortunately the stairs are steep and no elevator service. We kindly ask you to use the restroom before coming to Kapo.





Kurumi Nakamura
Tomoya Murazumi
Yohei Yamada



(Dancer / Kanazawa)


(Artist / Kanazawa)


Born in Kanazawa. She got a diploma form RAMBERT SCHOOL of Ballet and Contemporary Dance.

She has home caregiver, yoga instructor (Yoga Alliance), maternity and moon cycle Yoga instructor     qualifications. She is offering Yoga and dance class for sharing the time for feeling body, breath, and mental with respect their difference. It is offered regardless of age, gender, or disability.

From 2010, she start the project “Imarumaru (100)” with Momoyo Matsuda for spreading performance art made in Ishikawa.






Born in Hokkaido. Residing in Ishikawa, Tsubata. Oil painter, sculptor, and doing assemblage. His work is focusing wandering existence or phenomenon which is difficult to explain by rationality. He is trying to visualize these things under interpreting these thing to mean “there is a parallel world”.

He is also planning exhibition, scenography, and doing workshop in welfare facilities for handicapped.

In 2013, he start the gallery “THE ROOM BELOW” for artist who is not under the art context. By doing this gallery, he try to redefine the meaning of the art.


Artist, planning and production creator, theater director, choreographer.

He studied oil painting, sculpture, modern dance and classical ballet at the University of Tsukuba.

 From 2010 he moved to Berlin, worked with international choreographers including Colette Sadler, Tristan Sharps, Darren Johnston, Tino Sehgal, Alessio Silvestrin. From 2013, he moved to Ishikawa.









《Production process》






Meeting with Artists. Discussion about Welfare facilities and art.


Started group online talk. Continue exchanging information / opinions.


Skype meeting about Direction of work.


Meeting with Kurumi Nakamura.


Meeting with Artists


Kurumi and Yohei visit Welfare facilities


Yohei visit the dance class where Kurumi teach.


Finished interview to Tomoya Welfare facility staff and guardians.


Kurumi confirm the performer and start to make a movie. Start rehearsal.


Tomoya will finish collecting works made by people who belong to Welfare facilities. He will begin creating his own work in relation to the collected works.



11/3(fri.) - 5(Sun.)



Exhibition and performance” Their Characteristics and Why” by Kurumi Nakamura.



Exhibition ”Under the Bed” by Tomoya Murazumi.




Research Report of 2016 

“Who is making the borderline between minority and majority?” 

(Japanese only)


Documentation : Mai Kita (Onomatopoeia)