The neighborhood of Tokiwabashi (Tokiwa- bridge) on the Asano-River is a gateway between this world and the next world. It is the area where people from the next world occupy 'The House of Asanogawa (Asano-River)'. Together we can visit this house to meet them.

Experience a repose of souls in dance in 'The House of Asanogawa'.

The dance is a ritual of revival to prepare for a new divinity beyond our daily lives. Our souls will be  calm and will turn into pure water drops in the Asano-River , which before long, find their ways to the vast expanse of the sea.

In cooperation with : Non Profit Organization Frendy : Tomoyuki Minagawa


 "Hibi Kohya" 2017 Photo : Adam Isfendiyar





The House of Asanogawa


4-a Performance 11/3(Fri),11/4(Sat.)

11:00~,12:00~,14:00~,15:00~,16:00~ ※Reservation required

Members of Sokerissa! will live in The House of Asanogawa as strangers from next world to create and present new work. This site-specific performance will start from

the starting point of “Seven bridges”, a legendary tale of Kanazawa.

Musician : Masatoshi Utashima


Duration : Approx 30 min

For 5 audience at a time (Upon reservation)

Fee : Pay what you can

Venue : The House of Asanogawa(27-19 Zaimoku-cho, Kanazawa) 

Meeting Point : At the door of The House of Asanogawa


4-b Sokerissa! Talk 11/5(Sun.)14:00〜15:30 Free 

Aoki Yuki and performers of Sokerissa! will talk about how they began, their past activities and relationship between art and society and their futureplans.

For 80 audience members

Venue : Lecture Hall of 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa



Photo : Kaori Aoki


(Performance / Tokyo)


“Sokerissa,” a word freelance dancer, choreographer Yuki Aoki coined himself that sounds similar to the expression “Soreike” (meaning “Go for it!”). In 2007,he launched a dance troupe called “Sokerissa,”  in the first show.

Since then, the group has given numerous stage and street performances, as well as appearing in symposiums and art events across the country. Aoki believes that everybody has their own history of their lives on their bodies, and celebrate all of us as “being simply human.”

Akane Nakamori


Artist , Suisei-Art director.       

1998-2012 Running the Gallery-Bar Suiseiclub start to introduce artists in Kanazawa, Japan2013- Exhibition planner in Sanki Bunko, Hitoshi Mori private library 

2017- Studio Suisei-Art Direction new Open in Kanazawa



《Production process》



End of October

Went to see “Hibi Kohya”(Sokerissa’s latest performance) in Tokyo / Meeting



Meeting about Stage Design


Meeting about Concept (1)

Yuki Aoki visit The House of Asanogawa


Meeting about the music.

Meeting about concept(2)


Musician confirmed


Confirmed the contents and date of residency

Confirmation about Asanogawanoie by plan view


Discussion about detail in online


Decided the schedule of Residency


Planning about detail of Performance


Preparation and start Residence


”The House of Asanogawa” Performance


”The House of Asanogawa” Performance


Talk event by Yuki Aoki and Sokerissa! performers


Research Report of 2016 

“Relationship between modern society and artistic value , seen in Sokerissa!” 

​(Japanese only)





Documentation : Mai Kita (Onomatopoeia)