Originating from Brian Lobel's own experience with cancer, Fun with Cancer Patients is a collaborative creative project involving cancer patients that begin in 2009.

After coming to Japan for a preliminary survey, Brian confronted the question of "why is it difficult to talk about cancer even though I want to talk about it more?"

Together with a number of professionals who provide support for local patients with cancer experience and bereaved family members, this project aims to create a safe and comfortable space where people can talk freely about cancer.

In cooperation with: Cancer Support House of Ishikawa Prefecture


Fun with Cancer Patients: Kanazawa  NOV.3〜5


2-a Performance 11:00〜15:00(Free entry at anytime)

Please feel free and come down to the Theater.

Brian and Kanazawa Members of Fun with Cancer Patients will guide you to

experiential conversation performance.

Duration : Approx 30 min

Venue : Theater 21, 21st Cnetury Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

Language : Japanese / English


2-b Exhibition 10:00〜17:00

We will exhibit cards entrusted with the true feelings of patients, families, medical professionals who are involved in this project, and visitors.​

Venue : Foyer of 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa



Brian Lobel
Yuko Kuroda



(Performer, director, playwright / US, UK)


(Program Director / Coordinator

21st Century Museum

of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa)


Brian Lobel is a performer, teacher and curator who creates work about bodies and how they are watched, policed, prodded and loved by others. He shows work internationally in a range of contexts, from medical schools to museums, marketplaces to forests, blending provocative humour with insightful reflection. 

Brian is a Wellcome Trust Public Engagement Fellow, Core Artist for Forest Fringe, Associate Artist of Performing Medicine and Co-Director of The Sick of the Fringe.  Beyond illness and disability, Brian is interested in social media and friendship (Purge), sex and sexuality (Cruising for Art), and interactivity and the politics of participation (Ruach and Hold My Hand and We’re Halfway There).




Yuko Kuroda has been producing domestic/ international productions in the field of performance, contemporary dance, music as well as residency programs and outdoor events, taking advantage of the vicinities of the Museum. In 2014 launched an artist in residency program “Kanazawa Fringe”, where artists are invited to explore the City to conceive and present their new works in relation to our society, in unconventional ways, challenging the physical and psychological boundaries that may exist between genres and established art form.


《Production process》



Recruitment of participants


*Brian Lobel initial research in Japan from 12th to 22th June

6/17(Sat.) – 6/18(Sun.) 
6/19(Mon.) – 6/20(Tue.)

Visit to “NPO Cancer Net Japan”(Tokyo)


Visit to "Maggie's Tokyo"


Visit to “Hanaume”(Cancer support house of Kanazawa)


Retreat with Patients and Bereaved family(At Kanazawa Yuwaku Sousaku no Mori Center for Crafts and Culture)


1st meeting with Professionals(4 times)(At 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa)


Interviewed by The Asahi Shimbun and The Chunichi Shimbun.

Exchange party of patients group and professionals group.(At 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa)



Meeting with Mr.Mamoru Iriguchi about Design of venue

*Follow up meeting
September / October



2nd meeting with Professionals(1)


2nd meeting with Professionals(2)

2nd meeting with Professionals(3)

Planning of the direction and venue design


Skype meeting with Brian and Participants

*Brian Lobel residence from 23th October to 6th November
End of October

Rehearsal with Participants

11/3(fri.) - 5(Sun.)

『Fun with Cancer Patients Kanazawa ver.』



Research Report of 2016 

“How to see yourself by Fun”✕“Cancer” 

( Japanese only )


Documentation : Mai Kita (Onomatopoeia)