Join chef Shunsuke Inada in the production and sale of original bento under the fictional context of "a New Yorker, who falls in love with Kanazawa cuisine, opens the sincere yet misconstrued "TEI-EN" restaurant that offers new types of local cuisine from Kanazawa."

From the chef's peculiar viewpoint, the Kanazawa cuisine offered by TEI-EN comprises a diverse range of à-la-carte dishes, some that are frequently introduced as local cuisine to others that, while charming, are on the verge of extinction. Flavors undulate from fusions of international cuisine to unchanged regional tastes.

Furthermore, a survey on eating order is enclosed with each bento that asks participants the order in which they ate their food. The aim is to clarify how each person thinks or doesn't think about how they approach food consumption.

This project creates an opportunity to think about eating through a new dining experience that intentionally incorporates large differences in the types of food on offer.

In cooperation with: Sii Yudai, Enso Food Service Inc.


TEI-EN Bento Project  NOV.3〜5


1-a Viewing the BENTO preparation

11/3(Fri.)10:00~12:00 ※Reservation required

While listening to Inada chef 's talk, you can see the preparation of

"KANAZAWA EXTREME BENTO". Tasting included.​

Fee : 500yen at the door

For 15 audience members (Upon reservation)

Venue : Kitchen room of Omicho fish market

Meeting Point : At the door of Mister doughnut Kanazawa Musashi shop by 9:45

Language : Japanese


1-b Talk Event “Makunouchi Theater”

11/4(Sat.)13:00~15:30 Free

Followed by a keynote speech about local cuisine by local cuisine researcher Etsuko Aoki, Inada chef. Will lead an interactive about Kanazawa Extreme Bento and the order of eating.

For 80 audience members

Venue : Lecture Hall of 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

1-c TEI-EN Fun meeting 

11/5(Sun.)12:00~13:30 ※Reservation required

TEI-EN members will cook Inada’s redipe and talk about Kanazawa local cuisine the order of eating and in general about eating and food.

Fee : 500yen an the door

For 15 audience member (Upon reservation)

Venue : Tea room “Shoutou-an” of 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa




《KANAZAWA EXTREME BENTO, Reservation accepting》



We will sell limited edition TEI-EN's special "KANAZAWA EXTREME BENTO".

We will ask you to report about the order in which you ate.



Limited 100 boxes. ※reservation required



Pick-up venue and time : 

October 8th(Sun)11:00~13:00

Near the Project room of 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa(When it rains : Meeting room 3)


October 14th(Sat) 11:00~13:00

Tea room "Shoutouan" of 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

※ The chef will be present for comments. You are welcome to sit in.


November 4th(Sat)  11:00~13:00

In front of Lecture Room of 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

※There is a chef's talk event from 13:00 in Lecture room.


《How to Reserve》


Send email to ,

Please send below information 

①Your Name  ②Number of BENTO ③Date of pick up(10/8 or 10/14 or 11/4)④Your phone number.

※Please pay the fee on site.
※Please allow time to eat and submit a report. If you wish to sit in, please arrive by 12:30.

※If you want to cancel your order, please contact us 1 week in advance.

※Drinks are not served. please bring your own.


Shunsuke Inada

(Chef, Restaurant Producer / Nagoya)


Developing and producing restaurant business conditions , making original recipes for various genres of dish such as Japanese, French and ethnic.




Yoko Ueda

(Kanazawa Art GUMMI)


A Director at NPO Kanazawa Artgummi: Planning & Coordinating Exhibitions, Graphic & Web Design , Tour Guide, Supporting Artists.
Placing great importance on eating.


Production process



Meeting in Nagoya with Chef Inada.

about project direction and contents of BENTO.


Visit to Hajikami-shrine.

Research bento-box sold in Kanazawa.


Visit to see refrigerator of Omicho-market


Designed the package.






Trial production & Photo shooting


Tasting & Demonstoration


Reservation start







End of October

Analysis of eating order report collected from audience menbers


Tour to see the BENTO preparation


Third sales of KANAZAWA EXTREME BENTO& Talk Event


TEIEN Fun meeting


​Research Report of 2016

Welcome to "KANAZAWA Mousou Restaurant TEI-EN"

(Japanese only)


Documentation : Mai Kita (Onomatopoeia)