Fringe in motion

The fringe is filled with an energy of creation

and change that surpasses preexisting ideas and values.

KANAZAWA FRINGE is an artist-in-residence program

that invites artists and creators both in Japan and from abroad to

produce works while living in Kanazawa.

The works created through the inspiration gained

from interacting with the town and its people will gradually,

but undoubtedly, begin to move the town known as Kanazawa.

LOOKOUT / Mapping Out Our Future

Kanazawa Fringe 2019/ 2020 will work with children and artist Andy Field with “LOOKOUT”, literally overlooking our city from fringe to fringe and imagining our future.


'I loved being part of the Lookout project, it was an amazing experience.'

(Sara, aged 11, Blackfriars Primary School, Glasgow)


Created in collaboration with local primary school children, Lookout is a one-to-one encounter between one adult audience member and one child performer taking place somewhere high up overlooking the city. Together performer and audience member look out at the city and imagine its future. The conversation they share is a quiet journey through the past, present and future guided by the streets and landmarks laid out before them. Through dreams of utopian architecture and possible catastrophes, hopes and fears, future fashions, proposed demolitions and progress real and imagined, they explore two very different versions of the city they both inhabit. An exchange between two people who might not normally meet, about a future world they may or may not share. Lookout is an attempt to consider big questions in a small way. Developed through a series of workshops with local children, each new version of the piece is unique to the city it is created in and the people who call that place home. Originally commissioned by The Arches and the Unicorn Theatre. Supported by Arts Council England.


LOOKOUT WEB: http://aplacetolookout.co.uk

Originally commissioned by The Arches and the Unicorn Theatre.

Supported by Arts Council England.


The project was a great opportunity for the children to think carefully not only about their futures but their city’s future too.

Mrs McHutchison, Teacher, Blackfriars Primary School

A group of Year 5 children have been creating an imaginative performance about the future of our city of Bristol. Over the weeks we have been taken out of lessons to practice this impressive piece of theatre with Andy and Bethany. We created recordings of our voices 30, 60 and 90 years in the future to present to our audience. Each of us then had a series of very interesting conversations with complete strangers (and the occasional parent); some audience members had come from Germany, Italy and even Iceland, though many came from Bristol. We discussed the future of our city (from under our umbrellas at times!) and were left with many thought-provoking messages for the future. It had been a valuable and memorable experience for us and the audience: we feel very lucky to have taken part in such an amazing event!

Ettie and Isla, Age 9, Sefton Park Primary School, Bristol

The Lookout project was amazing, I liked to talk to the audience members and tell them about my favourite parts in Glasgow and I liked to hear about theirs too.

Shakira, Class 6, Blackfriars Primary School

The children and the parents absolutely loved the experience. The children will remember the people they have met (I am sure) for the rest of their lives despite the fleeting nature of the encounters.

Paul Earley, Year 5 teacher, St Luke’s Primary, Brighton

Thank you for working with us; the kids have absolutely loved it!

Sara Derwish, Year 5 teacher, St Margaret’s Primary School, Manchester

Production Team

Created by Andy Field

Produced by Beckie Darlington

Music and Sound Design by Tom Parkinson

Dramaturgy by Sybille Peters

Originally commissioned by The Arches and the Unicorn Theatre.

Supported by Arts Council England. So far, Lookout has been created in Glasgow, Bristol, Brighton, Cambridge, Manchester, London, Bedford, Winchester, Llandudno (U.K.), Auckland (NZ), Cairo (Egypt), Riga (Latvia), Madrid (Spain), Sao Paolo (Brazil), Salzburg (Austria), Shanghai, Guangzhou (China).

Andy Field

Andy is a theatremaker, curator, and co-director of the performance collective Forest Fringe. He has toured his own contemporary performance work across the UK and internationally. Andy also writes on performance and in 2012 completed a PhD imagining new relationships with the New York avant-gardes of the 1960s. He has worked as co-director of Museum x KNZ Fringe – Meeting with the City, organized by the 21C Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa in 2014-2015. The artist-in-residency/creation consisted of three projects, involving three artists from the U.K. and matched with three local art directors to explore and create new works.

WEB: andytfield.co.uk


KANAZAWA FRINGE is an artist-in-residence program in which creative activities are undertaken over a two year cycle to examine the challenges, people, and locations of Kanazawa from an artistic perspective. The program's long-term goal is to transform Kanazawa into a hub for creative activities by implementing a creative cyclical spiral of

(1) interacting with the town and its people,

(2) proposing new perspectives and values,

(3) undertaking creative activities, and

(4) bringing about change in the participating artists, the town, and its people.

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (Kanazawa Art Promotion and Development Foundation)