Fringe in motion

The fringe is filled with an energy of creation

and change that surpasses preexisting ideas and values.

KANAZAWA FRINGE is an artist-in-residence program

that invites artists and creators both in Japan and from abroad to

produce works while living in Kanazawa.

The works created through the inspiration gained

from interacting with the town and its people will gradually,

but undoubtedly, begin to move the town known as Kanazawa.

RADIO Lookout


Kanazawa Fringe 2019/ 2021 collaborated with local elementary school children and artists Andy Field and Beckie Darlington with “RADIO Lookout”, symbolically overlooking our city from fringe to fringe and imagining our future.

About RADIO Lookout

RADIO Lookout is a live radio broadcast type performance conceived by London-based artist duo Andy Field and Beckie Darlington and created with 10 children living in Kanazawa City. The award-winning live performance Lookout has been developed into an online production. The children discussed about their own city and created a 45-minute program that interweaves reports (recordings) from 30, 60, and 90 years into the future, which were broadcast from a radio station specially set up in the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. Topics range from city planning, climate change, and changes in technology and traditions. ...... This was a three-day attempt to encourage conversations between "adults of the future," and "adults of today", to envision our future cities.



Orginally commissioned by The Arches and the Unicorn Theatre

Supported by Arts Council England

RADIO Lookout documentation book available on PDF
RADIO Lookout program digest available on YouTube channel

Kanazawa Fringe ver. Kids

RADIO Lookout

Monday, 6 December - Sunday, 19 December, 2021

Radio DJs:

(Group A)

Maiko Takahashi, Nozomi Takebayashi, Arisa Nakamura, Tane Rinno, Youdai Wadade

(Group B)

Mio Onuma, Miki Taguchi, Shion Tanaka, Nanaka Yamada, Kousei Yonenaga


Created by: Andy Field, Beckie Darlington

Music by: Tom Parkinson

Scenography by: Mamoru Iriguchi

Greeting card Illustration: Sinbutton


Technical Director: Yoshihiro Gouda

Lighting: Kanazawa Butai Co., Ltd.

Set Carpenter: Ippei Hayashi (Studio Good Vibration’s)

Stage Management: Kiyomi ‘Big Boss’ Saito(Tateyokonaname LLC.)

Audio Editor, Program Mixer: Masanori Nao(FM Ishikawa)

Online Streaming:Hideo Murai(mu design)

Ticketing/ Listening Room Sound Operation: office BLANCA

Vintage Sound Equipment supply: OTOMURA Co., Ltd.

Vintage Furniture supply: Makoto Murai(KENSOU MURAI Co.)

Advisor to Radio DJs: Yukako Tomi (Radio Personality)

Photo: Yasuhiro Shimoka, Akifumi Nakagawa

Main Visual Design: ampersand.

Graphic Design: Kanako Kitaguchi

Production Assistant, Interpreter: Haruka Okuda


21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa:

Producer/ Chief Program Coordinator: Yuko Kuroda

Educator: Takeshi Kimura, Kumiko Kibi

Publicity: Hiroaki Ochiai, Satoko Ishikawa, Chie Saito, Rumi Honda


Special Thanks:Families of Radio DJs

Organized by: 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (Kanazawa Art Promotion and Development Foundation)

Supported by: The Lottery Fund, The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation Media

Support by: FM Ishikawa, Hokkoku Shimbun, Hokuriku Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Ishikawa Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. TV Kanazawa, Hokuriku Asahi Broadcasting, Co., Ltd.In

Cooperation with: Kanazawa Board of Education

Andy Field

Andy is a theatremaker, curator, and co-director of the performance collective Forest Fringe. He has toured his own contemporary performance work across the UK and internationally. Andy also writes on performance and in 2012 completed a PhD imagining new relationships with the New York avant-gardes of the 1960s. He has worked as co-director of Museum x KNZ Fringe – Meeting with the City, organized by the 21C Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa in 2014-2015. The artist-in-residency/creation consisted of three projects, involving three artists from the U.K. and matched with three local art directors to explore and create new works.


Creative Producer:
Beckie Darlington

Beckie is a creative producer working across a range of art forms collaborating with artists and organisations to conceive, develop and deliver new work. This includes festivals, touring theatre performances, participatory art works, installations, and one-off live events.

She has worked with organisations including the Natural History Museum, Yard Theatre, transmediale, FutureEverything, Forest Fringe, AV Festival and Wunderbar.

She is currently working on projects with Andy Field, Christopher Brett Bailey, Gillie Kleiman, Made In China, and Bourgeois & Maurice.



KANAZAWA FRINGE is an artist-in-residence program in which creative activities are undertaken over a two year cycle to examine the challenges, people, and locations of Kanazawa from an artistic perspective. The program's long-term goal is to transform Kanazawa into a hub for creative activities by implementing a creative cyclical spiral of

(1) interacting with the town and its people,

(2) proposing new perspectives and values,

(3) undertaking creative activities, and

(4) bringing about change in the participating artists, the town, and its people.

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (Kanazawa Art Promotion and Development Foundation)