"Walk with Me" is a participatory work produced by Wei Hsinyen during her stay in Kanazawa. The work is an experiment in discovering the scenic form of Kanazawa in the hearts of its residents. The artist walks one-on-one with local residents down paths they take in their daily lives and paths that evoke personal memories while the residents share their own stories about the paths and scenery. The artist produces poems or letters based on the time spent with residents and these are sent to each participant. These appear in the exhibition room as "a new map of one’s time in Kanazawa" that ties these scenes together.

a walk/ a path/ a scenery/ a story/ a poem/ a letter / a note

a work/ a vision/ a new map of one’s time in Kanazawa


In cooperation with: Bamboo Curtain Studio


 《A Little Umbrella Ⅱ》 2012  Performance(Sun Gallery/Taiwan、Taipei)




Walk with Me NOV.3〜5


3-a Exhibition 10:00〜17:00 Free

Venue : Meeting Room 1, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa


3-b Guide Tour 

10:00〜, 14:00〜,16:00〜 Free ※Reservation required

Wei will guide you to the path where She had walked with Kanazawa locals.

It’s time to experience the new scenery of Kanazawa through the viewpoints of

both the locals and Wei.

Meeting Point : Meeting Room 1, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

Duration : Approx 60 min

For 5 audience at a time (Upon reservation)

Language : Japanese / English / Mandarin







Wei Hsinyen
Masahiro Saito

(Artist / Taiwan)


(Kapo Director)


Born in United States in 1986.

Lives and works in Taiwan.

She creates photographs, movies and performance works on the theme of sociality and stories which people has. While staying in Kanazawa, she will produce work focusing on the intimate relationship between people and the city.


MFA in Studio (Photography & Performance), the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), Chicago IL

Merit Scholarship 2013-2014

BA in Political Science, National Cheng-Chi University, Taipei, Taiwan 2009


Selected Solo / Two Persons Exhibitions

There to There, Yard / Theatre, Kaohsiung, 2016

Excavation, Two Person Exhibition, Chen Pinhua & Wei Hsinyen, Art Busan, Korea, 2015


Selected Group Exhibitions

Footprint and Check-in, Haiton Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan, 2017

L’intru (Invaders), Errant Bodies, Berlin, 2016

The Moment, Queens Museum & Queens Botanical Garden Queens, NY, 2015







Artist/Art coordinator

Born in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan in 1981. Works and lives in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.

M.F.A. Tsukuba University.

2008 - present    Director of Kapo(art space, Kanazawa)

2009 - 2017 Coordinator&curator of CAAK & Kapo Creator in Residence

He worked for “Kanazawa Art Platform 2008”, “Triennale of KOGEI in Kanazawa”, “Museum × KNZ Fringe”, and other exhibitions and projects.


Selected group exhibitions.

Ku-kikan, Off the Kerb, Melbourne Australia, 2013 

Move arts Japan, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo Japan, 2012



《Production process》



Skype lecture by Wei Sinyen(Artist) and

Irish from Bamboo Curtain Studio(Taiwan)


Recruitment of participants start

Wei start residense

Participants will guide and walk with Wei in Kasnazawa city.

11/3(fri.) - 5(Sun.)

Exhibition and Guide tour by Artist



Research Report of 2016 

“Create a desired future " by art.”

(Japanese only)


Documentation : Mai Kita (Onomatopoeia)